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Last updated 1-05-2013


The Wyatts "Wynott" tour of Australia officially started 3rd May 2011 as we drove out the driveway although we had been planning and organising it for well over 12 months.  While we were eagerly waiting for the house to sell it turned out we were really blessed to have had this extra time so we could sink our teeth into the extremely challenging undertaking of home schooling through distance education, also living in the bus out the front of Polo place for a few months was a real blessing that allowed the transition from our huge house and yard to the bus to go really smoothly for us all.  The move now to finally be on the road has been great and we are all buzzing with excitement about what we see and what lies ahead.  

I hope you enjoy this website and can see where we are, where we've been and enjoy the trip with us. 


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